SWOT Analysis for CH2M Hill Strengths

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CH2M Hill has many strengths within the company; some of which will be identified in this section. CH2M Hill is a well established brand name with lots of successful Government projects and private projects including the Program Management of the Olympic venues for the 2012 London Olympics. The company has a well defined code of ethics, outlined in “Jim’s Little Yellow Book”, that each employee should follow and an anonymous hotline, The Guideline, to notify the company of observed ethics violations. CH2M Hill is employee owned through an internal common stock market, giving the employees buy-in into policies and procedures (BUS100mottariano, n.d.). The company has a diversified revenue stream utilizing various areas of expertise in…show more content…
Although CH2M Hill has much experience in water management, they tend to work in smaller markets with the global water shortage the larger markets, such as China, are becoming more attractive. CH2M Hill could utilize its vast experience and expertise in renewable energy to gain new projects as the global market demand for cleaner energy resources increases. In addition to operational and maintenance aid in this increasing energy segment CH2M Hill could offer facilities management consultation to these plants (Wikidot, n.d.). Threats Threats to CH2M Hill will come from many different sources; we will discuss some of them below. A declining global economy with less money to invest in infrastructure and private projects will affect the amount of jobs to bid on. Even when there are jobs to bid competitors responding to requests for quotes and proposals can under bid and win projects over CH2M Hill (BUS100mottariano, n.d.). When jobs are won the unpredictable economic cycles could result in the failure of clients to pay their fees to CH2M Hill. To win certain jobs CH2M Hill must rely on subcontractors and suppliers opening them up to any issues that company may have. Unstable economic and industry pricing could lead to losses especially in fixed price contracts. Tightening of and ever changing environmental regulations can make it hard for CH2M Hill to keep up with the changes (BUS100mottariano, n.d.). With CH2M Hills

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