Essay about SWOT Analysis for Wondermusic, a Non-Profit Organization

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Executive Summary

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1.1 Objectives
Wondermusic is a non-profit organization that promotes young music talent by creating a free educational and musical guidance program. Establish a space to provide musical educational programs, sound proof rooms, recording studios and a private stage to promote their talent. Organize music festivals and theater appearances around the city, as a performing experience and has an educational, social and recreational alternative, and also to create awareness to the cause. Donate instruments and award college scholarships.
Promoting and giving stage time to young talent will give them confidence and the opportunity to be heard, and in some cases have a chance to develop a career that will give them a financial independence, in other cases, this talent will support their social and mental wellness to develop a parallel professional career that will give them also a financial stability.
1.2 Mission
Help and mentor underprivileged young music talent that are in need, to build a musical career and or a parallel profession that will provide them with financial independence. Provide an educational, social and recreational alternative activity. To create a series of musical concerts during the year to raise awareness and as part of a marketing strategy of our fundraiser campaign. Design and create musical educational programs that will help musician master their talent and be a successful music entrepreneur.
1.3 Keys to Success