SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc

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Apple Inc. SWOT
SWOT Analysis
Strong Brand Name
Innovative Culture
Efficient Supply Chain
High Customer Loyalty
Supply Chain Environmental Problems
Supply Chain Human Rights Issues
Leadership/Loss of Steve Jobs
New Breakthrough Product
Increase Market Share
Maintain/Increase Customer Loyalty
Competitive Rivalry
Negative Supply Chain Publicity
Slow Economic Recovery
Apple Inc. has prided itself on product innovation since the company was first founded. Apple's recent breakthroughs were a result of a new technologies convergence upon the "digital hub" strategy that has been in play for many years now (Mortensen, 2010). This strategy represents the core of Apple's success over the last several years. In fact, it was this strategy that ultimately led to the development such as the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Furthermore, Apple has also carved out a unique market niche by creating products with innovative and user friendly designs. The combinations of these factors have created some of the most loyal customers in the entire business world. Another one of Apple's strengths is the way that it sources its production facilities. Apple's entire supply chain has been rated as the top supply chain in the world by Gartner's (Wailgum, 2011). Apple was given a top award in the resilience category by overcoming such obstacles such as the Japanese earthquake without any major disruptions to their supply chain or

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