SWOT Analysis of Florostone Real Estate Management

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SWOT ANALYSIS Florostone Real Estate Management Who or what is Florostone? Florostone is a Property Management Company with a limited liability company status (LLC); their office is located in Essex County in the state of New Jersey. Being an LLC the company owners can enjoy certain perks in the business world. One such advantage is that the profit and loss of the company passes through the members instead of the corporation, the members can therefore report this profit and loss on their federal tax returns. The company handles a wide variety of services such as, property tax appeals, evictions, landlord and tenant services, document services, general maintenance and repairs, and property management services all in a timely and professional manner. The company’s main objective states that their goal is to, “Deliver the highest level of service for our clients and the properties we manage for them. We combine service with a personalized touch at an affordable price. We offer a World Class level of service to our landlords/investors tenants and banks” (Florostone). Although the company manages properties for investors/landlords they also own a number of properties which are mainly purchased through short sales or foreclosures. Some of these properties might be in need of repairs which can be costly but purchasing these properties for a substantially lower price the company still stands to make a profit. Almost all these properties acquired by Florostone are in low income

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