SWOT Analysis of Intel

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Brief view about company Intel is a multinational company which design and manufacture digital technology platforms, the headquarters of it is located in California. The main reason to Intel exist is that in nowadays the Intel is one of biggest suppliers of microchips that are used in personal computers. According to this statutes the Intel was classified by Forbes Magazine as the 8 most valuable brand in the world in 2013. In 1968 Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore both scientists founded Intel looked at semiconductor memory products. Both scientists during 1971 introduced one innovation which was the first microprocessor in the world, and in 1980's the Intel began to develop SRAM and DRAM. In 1990's Intel invested very heavy to its growth, at that season the Intel decided to launch the first commercial microprocessor which was the i860 where there was more than one million transistors, and at the end of 1990’s was known the first special processor that was assigned for a special market which was PC market, following launch of this processor the Intel has grown considerably. This growth affected in positive way the lifestyle of the people and the way how the people work. About 39 years ago the Intel had a different logo created by Silicon Valley and the pioneers Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce but the company decided to implement a new marketing strategies and consequently they changed the logo in 1991 with "Intel Inside" campaign. Recently in 2006 the Intel change again to

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