SWOT Analysis of ReviseIT Consultants

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Introduction The review of the case study presents that 'ReviseIT consultants' have to deal with a lot of problems to operate in an effective manner. The case study specifically revolved around two points that need immediate consideration; issues with human resource and the change management. The paper will highlight these issues with reference to some key models of strategic human resource management and some theories regarding change management. In light of these theories and models this report will present recommendations for the case of ReviseIT consultants. SWOT Analysis of ReviseIT SWOT analysis is very crucial in determining the status of any company. Positive assets define the strengths and weaknesses for a company. On the other hand, threats and weaknesses are defined by the negative assets or liability of the organization. The SWOT analysis of the company is presented below. Strengths Strengths signify the current position of a company in terms of generating profits. The main strength of ReviseIT that can be determined from the case study is that the company has implemented a functional and purposeful intranet network within the company. This signifies that they have the infrastructure to make further developments and improvements within their current system. Moreover, the experience of their Chief Executive, Frank Ferrara is also one of their strengths. Weaknesses Weaknesses present those factors that have a detrimental impact on the current situation of

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