SWOT Analysis of Roland Beer Company

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Roland Beer Company Name Institution Date Roland Beer Company Analyze at least seven of the forces and trends External forces Legal and regulatory Strengths Opportunities Roland Beer Company has an established set of legal regulations that govern production. For instance, the company will exist in the form of a private business that endeavours to fulfil all the legal connotations. The company aspires to submit to rules from the environment, human health, and the general business legalities in the market. Moreover, the company will ensure that all the procedural measures undertaken while producing, marketing, and using beer are respected to the end (Pahl & Richter, 2009). Roland Beer Company will face threats from other beverage and beer manufacturing organizations in the market. For instance, stiff competition will result in the capability of the company to dominate in the market without having to lose ground in the quality and availability of its products and services. Weaknesses Threats Roland Beer Company is aware of the fact that beer is harmful to human health. As a legal measure, the company will not be able to avoid production of beer and other related beverages to clients in the market. Nonetheless, other competitors in the market who will be willing and wishing to overthrow the company in the competitive scale will exploit such a weakness. The company faces threats of elimination from the market in the case that its products do not meet the

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