SWOT Analysis of Salesforce.com

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Salesforce.com SWOT Analysis
Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) has successfully redefined the economics of enterprise software market and generated $3B in revenue and a $256M loss followed by a record quarter of $892M in their latest fiscal period (Salesforce.com Investor Relations, 2013). Salesforce.com is the global leader in enterprise CRM software sales, and has successfully redefined the economics of the market to see operating expense (OPEX) spending as the means to pay for software that would otherwise have to be paid through capital expenses (CAPEX) and lengthy financing cycles. The following is a SWOT analysis of Salesforce.com.
SWOT Analysis Of Salesforce.com
While Salesforce.com has many strengths, their most significant including the following. First, their market share leadership has earned them more credibility and trust than any amount of marketing and promotion can. Their global market leadership is also making their continued growth plans and recent bond financing highly successful in an otherwise tepid investment market (Salesforce.com Investor Relations, 2013). Their second most significant strength is the formidable software evangelism and support for 3rd party developers on their platform including the extension of their core Force.com platform. Salesforce.com today has more developers on Force.com platform than any other application platform provider with the exception of Google (Salesforce.com Investor Relations, 2013). This
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