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CyraCom International Inc. SWOT Analysis

One night in 1981, Jeff Munks, a police office in San Jose, CA responded to an urgent call and arrived at a residence where a Vietnamese immigrant who spoke no English was screaming and waving his arms agitatedly. Next to him, his son was having trouble breathing. After Jeff guessed what had been happening and immediately called for an ambulance, he kept thinking about emergency situations where danger is exacerbated because of a language barrier. This resulted in Telephone Interpretation being offered since that year. This service connects trained interpreters via telephone to Limited English Proficient (LEP) Individuals. Cyracom International is one of those companies that provide critical
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No wonder CyraCom is placed within the Top 15 companies reporting an average rate of growth of 72.75 percent growth in 2008. ("Second annual ranking," 2011)
Firstly, at CyraCom there is hardly a strong organization culture. It seems that the company chooses to focus on the call center side of things rather than create one.
Many interpreters are misled in thinking of a company that values intelligence and language skills, when it turns out later that they hire bilingual persons to apply their protocols only. Consequently, interpreters should be content with low salaries; this job does not require a degree. And that is at the time of interviews. Next, there are distinct departments and lines of authority, work activities are designed around individuals. In this call center, 100% of calls are recorded and monitored and employees are required to follow extensive rules and regulations and to minimize formal contact with other employees if not functionally necessary. One supervisor sits at higher booth keeping an eye on 10 Interpreters. A manager of each department (that handles one language) walks around examining closely to ensure there are no deviations. Indeed, this is management in the survival mode and there is no workplace spirituality.
And that leads the second weakness of CyraCom, High Employee Turnover compared to industry averages. Current HC recruiter, Richard Arana, is a forever
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