SWOT analysis of Delta Airlines

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SWOT analysis of Delta Airlines
Vaughn College of Aeronautics

Georgi Teofilov
December 15th 2012


Having been founded on May 30th 1924 Delta airlines is one of the only 4 legacy carriers still left in the aviation industry since the 1978 airline deregulation act. It is a major United States airline and its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta airlines operates 5,000 flights every day of which are both domestic and international. Delta airlines hub is located at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport which is considered the worlds busiest airport in accordance with passenger traffic which accumulates to over 91 million passengers per year. Its fleet consists of 722 airplanes and its
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Poor management and rocketing fuel prices was a result in its filing for bankruptcy but appropriate measures were not taken at the time and could have altogether prevented its filing for bankruptcy. Another weakness that Delta airlines experiences are it’s over dependence on the North American market for revenue. Deltas domestic routes accounts for up to 80 percent of its total amount of routes served which means the North American market will affect the company greatly if any type of economical shift was to happen. If Delta offered more international destinations then the 2005 filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy could have been avoided. Deltas poor management team is targeted for most of the company’s low performance due to inadequate steps taken to prevent the company’s downfall. Delta did make a comeback in 2009 when it emerged from bankruptcy but 4 years in bankruptcy has left a toll on the company and its future is uncertain. Opportunities

Delta is still nevertheless moving on forward and the merger of northwest airlines and delta airlines is an example of that. In 2008 the merger was approved by the department of justice and the merger was considered not a threat to the industry. This merger is very beneficial for both airlines because this decreased some competition for the airline and some operating costs were reduced because of this. Now that the merger

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