SWOT and Value Chain Analysis of McDonalds

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Case analysis On McDonalds Sadikchya Acharya Kings College International American University Babarmahal, Kathmandu MBA Capstone Prof. Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma International American University Kings College Babarmahal, Kathmandu Introduction and Background McDonalds as establishes in 1955 corporation and the multinational was first started by form Roy, it has its global operation for more than 119 countries selling its food items globally specially Korc. Currently as we see the data there are more than 50 million people per day enjoying foods from McDonalds, burgers, nuggets, French fries are their popular foods that they sell at the daily basis. even though we don’t have a branch in our country Nepal but the marketing and the brand…show more content…
Specific and exact same guidelines are followed by every outlets They have computerized tracking system to track the orders Outbound logistics: they have always focused on quality and the superior customer service they have always made cleanliness and good ambience in the restaurants. Even at the restaurant they have been focusing on energy consumption, packaging and waste management. They have been always determined for the quality service, innovation and improving operations. Efficient crew members logically store and distribute goods McDonalds recycling system with the distribution centers Marketing and sales: MacDonald’s from their expansion till the date they have always excel the market with the brand and the marketing campaign to the strategies they have made themselves as the most popular brand in the world not only in the fast food industry they have markup themselves as one of the best fortune 500 companies. The popularity and brand recognition was gained through the long practice of strategies and marketing the excellent marketing strategies from many years has made it possible. they have very unique kind of marketing campaign always as per now I have seen the Indian advertisement which says “friends sharing key bad hi bante hain” the main theme of MacDonald’s Indian advertisement is to show that the sharing food gives friendship. so while
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