SWOTT Analysis: Swot Analysis Of Costco

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SWOTT analysis is a fundamental systematic stratagem used for examining both the external and internal factors which affect the company (Lee et al., 2001). Operating businesses use the SWOTT examination to analysis their market standing based on the competitive edge, market share and complete feasibility. SWOTT analysis provides the company with the current information on its weakness, strengths, business trends, and opportunities (Lee et al., 2001). The primary elements of SWOTT analysis are internal and external elements. This paper discusses the external and internal elements which can have an impact on the business of Costco’s new division.
External forces and trends
Various external forces may affect Costco’s new division to achieve its vision and mission. Therefore, for Costco’s new division to be successful Costco Company should identify the apt strategy, which can keep the business expectations and also the anticipations of the Costco’s new division with what the external business environment can offer. The external forces encompass industrial changes, legal and regulatory, technological, economic, global, social, innovation, and competitive analysis factors.
Technological factors
With the expansion of technology, different companies have
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The rules, especially relating to information technology offer improved safety to the company by reducing the illegal access (Lee et al., 2001). The assessment of legal and regulatory factors should be inclusive and precise by the business because information technology ideals are normally strict and inadaptable. By introduction of online shopping for food products by Costco will enable it to have a big business probability from the customers who need trustworthy transactions through the internet. Though, Costco must examine the modifications to these rules since they can influence the Costco’s new division in the
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