SWPB Research Proposal Essay

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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support – An Assessment of its Evidence Base With the increased incident of violent and aggressive behaviours within our schools (Safran & Oswald, 2003), teachers, school admin, policy makers and families have had to face a great task to develop a violence free environment within schools (Taylor-Greene et al., 1997). These concerns were highlighted by the development of the Safe Schools Hub and the National Safe School Framework (DET 2015). Many studies have noted that the traditional ways of responding to these behaviours through practices such as expulsion and suspension have not been effective in responding to the problem (Scheuerman & Hall 2012). This has prompted the research for alternative ways in responding to dangerous and violent behaviours within schools. One of the most prominent approaches now used in schools is the school-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS). SWPBS was developed from the principles of behaviour analysis and aims to create a positive school culture to enable a safe school environment that ultimately supports positive behaviours for all students (Sugai and Horner 2002). SWPBS is based on…show more content…
The research has further gone on to show the programs promotion of the academic achievement of students (Horner et al., 2009; Lassen, Steele, & Sailor, 2006). Hopkins et al (2010) notes that Australia is one of the countries that has taken to adopting SWPBS. However in the recent development of The National Safe Schools Framework, it is noted that schools need to ensure they are using research validated practices in school settings. Due to this, researchers such as Horner et al. (2010) and Lane et al (2006) are questioning the validity of
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