Sab Miller Essay

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Table of Contents {text:bookmark-start} INTRODUCTION: {text:bookmark-end} It is important for organizations operating and competing at global level to understand how it fits into the external environment that it operates in. The twenty first century has witnessed frequent fluctuations in these international environment in which businesses operate which in turn has encouraged these businesses to concentrate heavily on strategising the manner in which the company survives, grows, competes and achieves its goals. The top management of these organizations take decisions with an ultimate holistic goal of achieving a sustained competitive advantage and in order to achieve this they have been focussing on managing their internal…show more content…
From the SWOT framework applied to SABMiller (see appendix 1) it is seen that the main strength of SABMiller lies in its skills to succeed in developing markets like that of several African, European, South American and Asian countries. This experience of handling and managing successful businesses in emerging markets is a key internal capability that is a source of its competitive advantage. Also from the list of strengths and weaknesses it can be observed that SABMiller’s strengths in having a geographically diversified business with its wide premium brand portfolio and strong supply chain along with excellent operational productivity capabilities are countered by weaknesses as a result of overemphasis on developing markets and premium brands. The external analysis reveals opportunities in the developing economies and new markets like China, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and several markets in Africa and Europe. But the significant number of threats in the external environment is a critical area that SABMiller has a clear focus upon to minimise the
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