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Manuel l. quezon university | Methods of Research | Course Requirements | | Martha Johanna De Villa – dela Cruz | 1/15/2013 |

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List of Books in Methods of Research 1. Title of the Book Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research
Author/s Creswell, John W. and Vicki L. Plano Clark
Publisher SAGE
Place of Publication Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Year of Publication 2007
Annotation Provides researchers across the social, behavioral, and health sciences with a comprehensive introduction to mixed methods research. Authors John W. Creswell and Vicki L. Plano Clark combine the latest thinking about mixed methods research designs with practical, step-by-step
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The authors present students with information on the numerous decisions they must make when designing and conducting research and indicate how their early decisions affect how data are collected, analyzed, and interpreted later in the research process. A focus on the importance of ethical conduct, both in the treatment of research subjects and in the reporting of research results, directs the text. 10. Title of Book Qualitative Communication Research Methods
Authors Thomas (Tom) R. Lindlof, Bryan C. (Copeland) Taylor
Publisher Sage Publications
Place of Publication London
Year of Publication 2010
Annotation It introduces readers to every step of the qualitative research process, from developing research topics and questions, through writing a final report. In addition to covering the theories and methods currently used in qualitative communication research, the authors also discuss important trends influencing the future of that research.

List of Books in Methods of Research (Psychology)

1. Title of Book Methodological Issues and Strategies in Clinical Research (4th edn)
Author Kazdin, A.E.
Publisher American Psychological
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