Sacoyia Regazzi . Ms. Stoppel. U.S History . 5 May 2017.

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Sacoyia Regazzi
Ms. Stoppel
U.S History
5 May 2017
Importance and Effects of the Japanese Internment Camps In 1942 the evacuation of the Japanese Americans from the West Coast was mainly because the FDR believed that after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Americans were inherently disloyal to the United States. This caused the President to issue evacuation of all Japanese Americans from the West Coast War zones, and they were forced to live in the internment camps. This caused much loss for them, and caused the Japanese Americans to have to fight for their freedoms. It is important for us to understand the historical event of Japanese Internment Camps, because it helps us understand why equality of races is so important, along
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These camps made men feel powerless, and the women felt violated of their privacy. It made them also feel stripped of their civil rights ("Psychological effects of camp"). It also caused many families to be split apart for meals. Instead of the families eating together, the men would sit and eat with each other while the women sat alone and fed the young ones. (“From Citizen to Enemy: The Tragedy of Japanese Internment”). Along with these things, it caused violence to arise between the Japanese Americans and other races. It also created the separation of the races, which took out a whole part of society.
After a year of being imprisoned, the Japanese Americans wanted to do something so they had freedom just like any other Americans. In 1943, Japanese Americans decided to enlist in the armed forces. The reason they did this is because they wanted to try and prove their loyalty to the United States as a whole. They also went to court to try and obtain their rights in the country. This caused the government later on in history to realize the wrong they did to the Japanese Americans. Once the Japanese Americans were released from the internment camps, the government decided to grant 20,000 to any of the surviving men and women that were in the internment camps. This helps us learn how the government was wrong, and why it is important for us to learn about it today.
There are many reasons that us as United States citizens should learn about

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