Sacred Heart Medical Center At Riverbend

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Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend (SHRB) is a 388 bed regional medical center with a level II Trauma designation, located in Springfield, Oregon. The emergency department (ED) consists of 42 beds with four designated trauma resuscitation bays. In 2014 the ED volume was approximately 58,000 patients, of which an average of 70% were ambulatory and non-ambulance access. Emergency department overcrowding has been identified as a national issue and it is effecting SHRB ED. Emergency department congestion effects patient arrival to provider time and this delay has been associated with suboptimal patient outcomes. Emergency departments must address patient length of stay and throughput for a multitude of reasons; the most acute concern being patient safety.
Culture of Safety
The SHRB hospital maintains a rigorous physician peer-review process, and there is a medical safety officer, who, in conjunction with an RN facilitate a regional Safety Committee. The Safety Committee reviews all reported patient safety concerns and anyone can report a safety matter to the committee. In addition, there is a robust sentinel event review process. The sentinel event reviews are conducted the objective of understanding processes that may have contributed to the event. Furthermore, the committee is dedicated to a “just culture” and inculpable process during all reviews. Furthermore, the organization has implemented a

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