Sacred Heart Park Research Paper

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Although there are similarities between Fike Park and Sacred Heart Park, there are also various differences. First, the location of the parks, one being nearer to home, and one farther away, is different. Second, the type of playground equipment has distinct qualities between the parks. Fike Park has a playground that is connected, and built off the ground, unlike that of Sacred Heart Park, which is comprised of various equipment built on the ground. Lastly, there is a gazebo at Fike Park for picnics and other activities, which is not available at Sacred Heart Park. These are some of the ways that the two parks can be contrasted from each other, although they might also be compared in these ways. The location of the two parks, Fike Park, and Sacred Heart Park, differs slightly. Sacred…show more content…
This gazebo is often used for something as simple and peaceful as a picnic, as it contains tables, but might also be used for an occasion. Sometimes, live music is available at Fike Park, since there is a gazebo for the musicians to set up in. However, Sacred Heart park has no such place, and thus, has no musical performances. Sacred Heart Park also lacks picnic tables, therefore, it is not the ideal park to visit in order to have a picnic. In this way, Fike Park is superior to Sacred Heart. Though there are similarities between Fike Park and Sacred Heart Park, there are also differences. First, in the location, as one park is nearby, while the other is farther away. Second, in the playground equipment, as one park consists of equipment which has been built off the ground, while the other contains scattered equipment. Lastly, Fike Park contains a gazebo, in which musical events and picnics might occur, while Sacred Heart does not. These are some of the numerous ways in which Fike Park differentiates from Sacred Heart
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