Sacred Road Action Plan

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Step 1 Over the summer I will be working with an organization called Sacred Road, which is on a Native American Reservation in Yakima, Washington. Sacred Road was started by Chris and Mary Granberry, a couple from Alabama who moved to the Reservation in 2003 to serve the struggling community there. When they moved there, one hundred percent of the homes on the reservation were affected by alcohol/drug abuse, and the average life expectancy is 40 years old. Sacred Road works with members of the community to rebuild homes, counsel teens, and run a children's care center, along with starting a church. Since the Granberry’s have moved in, the average life expectancy has increased, the suicide rate has dropped immensely, and the amount of thefts…show more content…
Most urgently, my father has graciously volunteered to donate a screen printer from his factory that he no longer uses, to the economic development team that is starting the screen printing business. I need to finalize details with him on how and when that will be delivered. I also have scheduled a tour with a family friend who owns a t-shirt printing company in the bay area. I will be meeting with him to learn the ins and outs of his business and hopefully draft a financial plan for the business that I will be helping to start up. This should all be done in the next two weeks, before Sacred Road meets with its board members. I would also like to learn more about the Native American culture that I will be living it. To do this I am enrolled in a course on Indigenous People in the US, and I plan on doing all of the suggested readings, as well as asking the professor if he has anything else he thinks I should read before I go. One concern that I have that I would also like to solve within the next few weeks is that I have not yet determined my housing. However, arrangements are in the process and housing is guaranteed so I am not too
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