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Sacred Scripture Last Friday afternoon, we had class Some students had other priorities. Therefore, if you missed class on Friday, you have a make-up assignment. You must write me a 1-2 page paper for Wednesday. Question: Who wrote the Bible? You must discuss 1) the traditional evidence for Moses; 2) the Documentary hypothesis. This is ONLY for those who MISSED Friday. The names of God. Lord: Adonai (Hebrew) LORD: Yahweh or Jehovah or I am who I am. God: Elohim (Hebrew). God Almighty: El Shaddai. Most ancient Jews thought that Moses wrote the Torah/Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy). Moses is traditionally thought to have lived in the 1200sBC. The names of God appear…show more content…
Read Psalms 2, 19, 23, 51, 110, 139 Moses: c.1200 leads Israel out of Egypt Joshua: c.1100 leads Israel into the land of Canaan. David: 1010-970 BC—second king of Israel, brings ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, his new capital. Solomon: 970-930 BC—third king, builds temple, places ark of the covenant inside the temple. Psalm 2: anointedMessiah Psalm 19: the ten commandments Psalm 23: the Christological reading ------------------------------------------------- Psalm 51: Penance (!) Homework for next week is the Gospel of Mark 1.1 The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Christ means anointed; anointed with oil. * Prophet * Priest, especially the high priest * The king Messiah=moschiach (Hebrew)=Christos(Greek) Christ. The messiah is destined to liberate the people of Israel. St Mark’s Gospel: the preaching of St Peter (Aramaic) translated into Greek in the city of Rome. AD 41-44 date of authorship. Last 12 verses were added later, sometime c.AD 110. Jesus as the New Moses according to St Mark. Mark 6.30-46. Jesus multiplies the bread and the fish. Moses gives manna from heaven. Mark 6.47-52. Jesus walks on water. Quiz: Jesus as New Moses in St Mark’s Gospel. ********************************************** St Luke (!) Who wrote St Luke’s gospel? What other book did St Luke write? Luke-Acts What was St Luke’s profession? Medical doctor When was Luke-Acts written?
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