Sacred Space : Puertas Azules

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Sacred Space: Puertas Azules Families who reside in small agricultural villages in Jinotega, Nicaragua face an abundance of issues and struggles. Many families experience losses of loved ones from lack of clean and fresh resources and face many hardships throughout their everyday life. Nicaraguans experience a lack of fresh water, technology, and are forced to rely on the land, creating a difficult life filled with an abundance of hard work. The lack of freshwater, technology, and need to rely on the land contributes greatly to the country’s poverty. The signs of poverty are everywhere, especially in small farming communities such as Puertas Azules. Poverty, in Nicaragua, manifests itself through the poor living conditions and the shortage of everyday necessities. At first, by looking at the beautiful scenery of Nicaragua, it seems like a tropical paradise, but in reality living here creates a difficult lifestyle filled with many hardships. Perched on top of a foggy mountain, a brown gravel road stretches across the vast landscape of the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua that is virtually untouched by humans and fresh with nature. The narrow, gravel path leading through the mountains twists, turns, and hugs the inside of the mountains and leads to the sky. The dense forest surrounding the mountains creates a vast sea of green. The loud white Land-cruiser stands out from the vibrant scenery as the only modern aspect of this remote location. Electric yellow bananas hang

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