Sacrifice And Saving Private Ryan

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Sacrifice and Saving Private Ryan

Spencer Beck
Communication 301
May 8th, 2015

Significance and Rhetorical Problem Saving Private Ryan has been a huge commercial success since its release in 1998. According to, Saving Private Ryan’s worldwide gross is $481,840,909 with over half that just from the domestic US market alone. Not only was this film a financial success, it is also critically acclaimed. The film has won 79 awards; five of those are Oscars, and another 62 nominations for just about every category that there is to be nominated for. More recently Saving Private Ryan was awarded a place on the National Film Presentation Board in 2014. (IMDB) World War II has always fascinated me. Growing up, I used to watch The History Channel with my father on days he would watch me. The programing was almost always about World War I, World War II, The Vietnam War and Korean War. This was before the History Channel Decided to change direction towards Pawn Stars, Logging Men and Ice Road Truckers. The weapons, the tanks, and the people who fought in those wars was something that has always held my interest. It had such an impact on me that for each Halloween from the ages of 6-9 years old, I always dressed like a soldier. I wanted to be like the heroic men like I saw on the countless documentaries, the guys who knew their mission and fought with a purpose. And I wasn’t alone, I had many friends growing up who wanted to be…
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