Sacrifice In How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

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People wonder what it would be like for aliens to come to Earth. Being bombarded with so many new things at once would overwhelm them. It would be difficult for the aliens to assimilate within human society. However, that experience is what immigrants face all the time when coming to a new country. In How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, a family from the Dominican Republic escapes to the United States as immigrants. In the family, two of the four sisters named Yolanda and Carla have difficulties assimilating into their new environment. The two sisters face the problems of understanding their surroundings. Down the line in their future, they will face sacrifices in order to understand themselves. Alvarez uses Yolanda and Carla’s experience with immigration to demonstrate the difficulties of assimilating and the sacrifices an immigrant must make to completely acculturate.
With a lack of understanding a new country’s system, it can be hard for immigrants to take advantage of services that are granted to everyone without tarnishing some of their dignity. In How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, Carla’s mother calls the police after Carla experienced a traumatic event on the street. Hoping to solve the problem and make the area safer for her daughter, instead she is greeted with a barrier. A police officer responding from Carla’s mother phone call impatiently describes the legal system, “There was a sigh of exasperation. A too-patient voice with dividers

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