Sacrifice In Night By Elie Wiesel Analysis

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Sacrifice comes in from many different ways, and for many different desires. In the book Night, by Elie Wiesel, the novel gives the readers the experience of the time during World War Two, when the Holocaust was occurring. Never seen his mother and sisters again, he goes on this strenuous and relentless journey in Auschwitz, along with his father, where they both endure through the true harsh trial of the Holocaust. During this grim time, people sacrifice themselves for those they love because sacrifice express love as its strongest, shows loyalty to others, and speaking out for others is shown as a sign of kindness. People sacrifice themselves for others because it expresses love at its strongest. The quote, “The only thing that keeps me alive is to know that Reizel and the little ones are still alive. Were it not for them, I would give up.”(45) This express love at the strongest because the father was keeping himself alive for his family. This can be related to the thesis statement because the father was willing to suffer through the pain and misery that he experienced in exchange for another moment with his family. Another quote is “Two boys came to join our group: Yossi and Tibi, two brothers from Czechoslovakia who parents have been exterminated in Birkenau. They lived for each other, body and soul.” (50) Similar to the first quote, they lived because with each other, so that the others do not die for the other. These two quotes have the similar view of sacrifice, the

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