Sacrifice Is Sacrifice

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Another fact is that no vision can be accomplished without sacrifice. Together with personal discipline is sacrifice, which is another word that people interpret as meaning that they have to give up some things for one thing that they enjoy doing. It generally means sacrificing something of a low nature to get a better thing or a thing of a higher nature.

Sacrifice is really all about making daily choices to stay on the narrow road to success. Instead of buying a video game to exercise your thumbs, buying instructional books and manuals to improve knowledge and increase prospects is a sacrifice. Instead of doing what you want to do, doing what is necessary to become the best is a sacrifice. I wanted to become a good athlete in my secondary school inter-house sport day, so I set a daily routine and stuck with it, even when I did not feel like it. I would go to a field in the neighborhood, run from one end to the other, day in and day out. In the school inter-house sport day that year, I won two gold medals, 100m race and 200m race. This is sacrifice. Without the need, desire and determination to improve, people lack the means to develop and therefore will not make any sacrifices.

Sacrifice is being willing to give up something good for something better. Life is full of boundless possibilities but
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It is important to distinguish making a sacrifice from making an offering. Offerings are functionally equivalent to small gifts given to family or friends as a way of showing affection and maintaining a relationship. As such, the "gift of time" is an offering, not a sacrifice, for it is not a sacrifice to visit one's friends; rather, it's something that is done on a regular basis to keep the relationship in good working order, and to let them know you appreciate them. I would also distinguish sacrifice from communion, which is an offering that is shared between the celebrants and the

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