Sacrifice Program Research Paper

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PLUSS RISE Program 2016 Essays

Short Answer

Describe your past community service, leadership, and/or research experiences. (250 words)
Before I even started my undergraduate career, I had done more than 200 hours of volunteer work in hospitals and ran a Blood Drive that garnered me the White House Silver Eagle Award along with a team of students. In college, I went on to do many more volunteer hours through F.O.R.G.E. a refugee tutoring program that attempts to bridge that gap between the success of Syrian, Palestinian, Somali, and Nepali refugee children and their westernized peers in Pittsburgh’s schools. I applied my passion for sharing new ideas to other areas of my life as a Biology Undergraduate Teacher’s Aide of two years and as a
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An assemblage of countless individuals and cultures with differing values and ethics. To agree upon one standard of “health”, “equality”, or “disease” is nearly impossible based on today’s conventions. But, we can all agree upon one idea, for this little alliance to work, to produce, and to grow, the constituents must believe that they have positive well-being to whatever their standard is, they must have health. This is central to the conception of public health, health for the public, for the success of the public, the nation, and the world. The approach is logical and creates equity out of itself because within the Public Health context the success of your neighbor becomes your success. Healthy constituents create herd immunities eliminating disease and protecting the non-immune, raise national GDP and individual wealth, establish working, peaceful governments, and contribute to the growing body of human knowledge, expression, and rhetoric. The logistical value of Public Health transcends our individual cultural frameworks and gives us a universal goal – health. With the public health approach health equity is readily achieved because the argument moves from “how can I secure resources from others so that I can be healthier” to “what are the determinants and barriers that stops others from being healthier so that I can be healthier.” Or simply put, how can I heal the public so I can heal
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