Sacrificing The Value Of Honor In The Novel 'The Alchemist'

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Is sacrificing everything or most of everything for one thing worth it? Throughout the novel The Alchemist, there are points and stories proven that sacrifice is a necessity for achievement. Santiago had a dream of finding his treasure. The novel goes through his everyday life of trying to reach it. Before he could even get his first answer he had to already sacrifice one thing. He had a decision to make, sacrifice something that was close to his heart or just forget about his dream/Legend and stay where he is with the things he loves? After he makes his life changing decision, he faces more than just that one sacrifice. Sacrificing it all was never the answer for Santiago, but sacrificing the things that are needed to be given up in order to follow through with his personal legend was a definite. Santiago was forced to give up his sheep, his home, and even his love life in order to achieve his personal legend. The crystal merchant in the novel was even forced to sacrifice some things in order to make his life better.

In the beginning of the book, Santiago’s life was perfect, well at least he thought so. He had his own house, his own sheep, he was a shepard, and everything was going great. As the book continues on throughout the beginning, things start to get a little intense. He started to think about his personal legend, about finding the treasure. His sheep meant everything to him and he could never think about giving them up. The sheep took him to find food and
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