Saddam Hussein: Tikrit, Iraq

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Saddam Hussein Saddam was born in April 28, 1937 in Tikrit, Iraq. He was born into a poor family. His father disappeared before he was born and his older brother died of cancer shortly after. His mother was so depressed because of his older brother’s death and his father leaving that she was unable to take care of him. He moved to live with his uncle in Baghdad when he was three. He later moved in with a devout Sunni Muslim named Talfah. Talfah’s politics had a huge influence on Saddam growing up. Saddam later joined the Ba’ath Party. The Ba’ath Party’s main ideology was to unite Arab states in the Middle East. Members of the Ba’ath party, including Saddam, attempted to assassinate Iraq’s then-president, Abd al-Karim Qasim on October 7, 1959 because he didn’t want to Unite all Arab states. The assassination was a failure, and several of the members were caught, tried, and executed. All the other members, including Saddam, fled to Syria. Saddam later then went to Egypt, where he attended law school. When Saddam returned to Iraq in 1963, he was arrested for in-fighting in the Ba’ath Party. He remained in politics while in Prison, and then years later, he was able to escape. Still remaining in the Ba’ath party, he proved to be a…show more content…
This conflict turned into a war. Western Nations put their support in Saddam even though his invasion clearly violated international law because they were scared of the spread of Islamic radicalism. After years of war that left thousands dead on both sides, an agreement was finally reached on August 20, 1988. Saddam then tried revitalizing Iraq’s economy and infrastructure. Saddam then ordered an invasion on Kuwait on August 2, 1990. To resolve this, The UN Security Council set a deadline that Iraqi forces must be out of Kuwait. The deadline was ignored, and forces drove them out of
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