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Sadness means suffering in silence. Many people suffer because they have their heart broken, they have problems at work, they have had a fight with a dear person, they have lost something, or someone. Sadness means sorrow, grief, being upset etc. Sadness is a state of mind that comes and goes as it pleases. Today we can be sad tomorrow we can forget about yesturday. Life is about going through bad and good moments so it`s normal to feel sad sometimes. Sadness can manifest itself through emotions like being angry, stressed out, nervous or just depressed. Depression is a more serious case of sadness. Depression means negative thoughts and lasts for much longer. Many people commit suicide because of depression so, it`s a dangerous disease…show more content…
There are many people, men and women, that think that by drinking they will escape from problems. well, drinking makes things worst. If you think consuming a lot of alcohol will make you forget about problems you are wrong. Alcohol makes you more aware of everything and makes you more sad. People are sad and drink because of many reasons. For example love is one of the most common reasons that leads to depression and suicide. Teenagers are a category that is most affected by love problems and consumption of drugs and alcohol. Also many teenagers are depressed and have suicidal thoughts. It`s sad to see that young girls and boys become depressed at an age where they shouldn`t have any problems.

Sadness Alcohol Depression ends with Suicide because of different reasons. Stress and many problems and sad thoughts can influence a person into doing many bad things. People try to find solutions in all the wrong places. Life is very hard, but we have to be strong. Some say that God doesn`t give you more than you can take so, we just have to be stronger and don`t take the easy way out from a problem. As a conclusion, bad habits like drinking can kill us in time or combined with negative thoughts can have immediate consequences. The wise thing to do, is to seek help, try to let others help us especially family members. Having someone that cares about you is a great feeling. People need encouraging and support, and someone dear to you will always be a sholder to cry
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