Safavid Architecture

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The architecture and landscape design of the Palace of the Alhambra has been called “sensuous” because the alhambra engages the senses of sight, smell and sound.The palace was made to engage the viewer in all sense and showcase their own power. The patrons uses artists around the middle east who craftsmen in area. The palace was designed to engage the mind. The palace brought a force of nature into play in the place. Visually, the palace engages the eyes the artwork embed in the building itself. The careful place bordered tree, bushes sunken flower beds, and the sudden glimpse of of mountains or gardens framed in a casement miradors and belvederes. Which is also cunningly placed to exploit the sight line over entire landscape around…show more content…
They both address the element of urban setting, functions or functions of its own structures and their own styles.The building represent them as culture but both cultures show power in their own way. The Safavid dynasty showed their artwork as delicate, articulate and sophications with their buildings while the Ottoman show their building as huge and standout. The Shah Mosque of Isfahan is one of the amazing masterpieces of Safavid architecture.While the Suleymaniye Mosque show its grandeur and huge presence. Both pieces are both religions and commoners to see the height of the both dynasty. Both buildings have domes, the mihrab, indicated the direction of…show more content…
While one went with simplistic and another went complex and detail in artwork. The Süleymaniye Mosque shows white marble mihrab and mimbar are simple in design with simple designs in ivory. The original complex consisted of the mosque itself, a hospital, school, public baths, four Qur'an schools, a medical college, and a public kitchen. The The Shah Mosque of Isfahan show the best of the Safavid, the complex, delicate and amazing detail artwork in architecture. The entrance-iwan to the mosque takes the form of a semicircle, a recessed half-moon, the arch framed by turquoise ornament and decorated detail stalactite tilework, the two minarets, topped by beautifully carved, wooden balconies with many stalactites running down the
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