Safavid Empire Research Paper

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Safavid Empire were a native Iranian period of time with the same powerful family rulers from Azerbaijan that ruled from 1501 to 1736. It established Shi'a Islam as Iran's official religion and united its areas of a country under a single Iranian independent power of a country in the early modern period. This clearly made different to Iran from the Ottomans, who were Sunnis. Thus, the central holy and untouchable places of Sunni Islam would always be in the Arabian Peninsula and the places were much closer to Iraq, took prisoners by force by the Safavids in 1623 but then they gave up again to the Ottomans in 1639. The Safavids generally ruled over a peaceful and rich empire and their death was followed by a period of unrest but then they clever got together as partners with powers in order to protect themselves from the Ottomans.…show more content…
Its person founder was the Persian mystic Sheikh Safi in 1254-1334, after whom the order was named. Sheikh Safi came from Ardabil, a city in today's Iranian Azerbaijan where his shrine still stands. His native language was Old Tati, a gone forever Iranian language of the north closely related to Persian and also he was a loyal student of the famous Sufi Grand Master Sheikh Zahed. It became more identifiably Shi'a in its orientation around the year 1400 and in the fifteenth century, the Safaviyeh slowly gained political and military power in the power vacuum caused by the decline of the Timurid dynasty. After becoming the Safaviyeh leader in 1447, Sheikh Junayd that is a grandchild of Sheikh Safi Al-Noise that was changed it into a revolutionary Shi'a movement with the goal of grabbing and taking control of power in
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