Safe Injection Site in Vancouver Eastside Essay

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The Effect of Safe Injection Sites in Vancouver, British Columbia A safe injection site (SIS) has been placed in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where drug use is a challenging problem. The program is a vital piece of the cities known harm reduction approach to its serious problems with homelessness, drugs, crime and AIDS. Canada has drastically shifted its method. Going from punishing drug users to establishing the plan of harm reduction. Since 2003 when the supervised SIS opened, it has presented a safe health-focused center where drug users have access to inject illegal drugs using sterile equipment in a clean environment under the supervision of medically trained professionals. Although there are some serious concerns about the…show more content…
Results of safe injection site studies have shown that an expansion may have a greater impact. This may reduce the chance of dangerous encounters between users of these safe injection sites and the public. Children not even out of elementary school, were getting involved in the drug scene. These runaways were a concern to the residents, who witnessed overdoses in the past decade. Over 2,000 lives were lost due to the Downtowns East side’s “drug-fuelled spiral” (MacQueen et al., 2003). Persisting the safe injection site can help in lowering risk behaviors by the drug users of SIS’s and community concerns that are related to public injection of drugs (McKnight et al,. 2007). Overall, SIS’s may have the ability to change the drug users and transform them into potential productive members of society.

Effect of Insite on Future Generations
It is suggested that since Insite was created, it has been sending the wrong message to the youth of Vancouver stating that injection drug use is acceptable and has support. This approach is unlikely and naïve. There is evidence shown that the total number of drug users in cities with SIS’s has decreased. The introduction of SISs is being understood as that drug use is right. Rather than it is limited, self-contained, and is a responsible harm reduction facility that responds to urgent health risks. “Harm reduction is defined as an ideology viewing drug use as

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