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Safe Patient Handling Program
Effects of a National Safe Patient Handling Program on Nursing Injury Incidence Rates by Gail Powell-Cope, Peter Toyinbo, Nitin Patel, Deborah Rugs, Christine Elnitsky, Bridget Hahm, Bryce Sutton, Robert Campbell, Karen Besterman-Dahan, Mary Matz, Michael Hodgson and published in 2014 discusses the musculoskeletal injury( MSI) among the primary healthcare providers in the veteran health administration facilities. The research shows that the rate of the MSI is quite high and this overall impacts the efficiency of the nurses. The article suggests that failure to educate the peer leaders on the appropriate safety patience handling programs, inadequate equipment, and staffing contributes to MSI (Powell-Cope et al.).
The researchers had a three-year study between 2008 and 2011 where they gathered data from coordinators in from the previous years on the rate and the incidence of the injuries in the hospital to evaluate whether there was any difference before and after the program implementation (Powell-Cope et al.). Indeed, the study showed that the program helped to reduce injuries among the caregivers. This paper proposed that health directors implement peer leadership training on the safe patient handling program (SPH) and the use of specialized handling equipment (Powell-Cope et al.). Further, there is a need to incorporate SPH training in the orientation of new workers and assessing the healthcare providers on their
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"Effects Of A National Safe Patient Handling Program On Nursing Injury Incidence Rates." JONA: The Journal Of Nursing Administration, vol 44, no. 10, 2014, pp. 525-534. Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health),
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