Essay on Safe Social Networking

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Socializing Securely: Using Social Networking Services Mindi McDowell and Damon Morda Social Networking Serves Many Purposes Social networking is a way for people to connect and share information with each other online. Millions of people worldwide regularly access these types of services from mobile devices, applications, and websites. According to statistics published by some of the most well-known social networking services, there are more than 500 million active users on Facebook1, 175 million registered users on Twitter2, more than 100 million users on MySpace3, and more than 80 million members on LinkedIn4. People may use social networking services for different reasons: to network with new contacts, reconnect with former friends,…show more content…
This information could then be used in a variety of ways, such as tailoring advertisements, performing market research, sending spam email, or accessing your contacts. Professional and Personal Implications You may risk professional opportunities, personal relationships, and safety by posting certain types of information on social networking services. Business data – Posting sensitive information intended only for internal company use on a social networking service can have serious consequences. Disclosing information about customers, intellectual property, human resource issues, mergers and acquisitions, or other company activities could result in liability or bad publicity, or could reveal information that is useful to competitors. Professional reputation – Inappropriate photos or content on a social networking service may threaten a user’s educational and career prospects. Colleges and universities may 2 conduct online searches about potential students during the application process. Many companies also perform online searches of job candidates during the interview process. Information that suggests that a person might be unreliable, untrustworthy, or unprofessional could threaten the candidate’s application. There have also been many instances of people losing their jobs for content posted to these services. Although the legality of some of these terminations is
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