Safe To Vaccinate Children Research Paper

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Almost all American citizens had previously contracted Measles before a vaccination was available for the general public; these days, doctors rarely see any cases of Measles due to the vaccine. Before vaccines, many died from the disease they had been infected with. It is important to vaccinate children, otherwise they could contract an illness and suffer the terrible consequences, even death. With vaccines, fewer and fewer people get diseases that could essentially kill them. Without vaccination, many more would be afflicted. Hundreds of thousands of children are saved by harmless vaccines each year, hence it is crucial to vaccinate all children to protect whole communities. Many trustworthy facilities have confirmed that vaccines are safe to use. es are extremely safe to administer. These are trustworthy resources, since they all have very strong data and evidence, Research foundations, such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), agree that vaccine. The CDC claims, “The vaccine safety system ensures that vaccines are as safe as possible.” AAP proclaims, “ Vaccines are safe. All vaccines must be tested by the FDA. The FDA will not let a vaccine be given unless it has been proved to be safe and work well with children.” The US Department of Health and Human Services adds,”Vaccines are some of the safest medical products available.” Extremely reliable sources have conducted experiments to prove that children would not be harmed in any way through these vaccines. If children…show more content…
Throughout decades, science has long since proven that vaccinations are some of the most reliable types of protection against disease, premature death, and disability. People in our society must come to the realization that the benefits of vaccination greatly overcome the potential risks. As Mr.Spock spoke in Star Trek, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the
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