Safe Travel Company: Marketing and Product Development Strategies

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Field Work Experience: Safe Travel Company is a public transportation company in Rockbridge County, Virginia that seeks to provide safe, reliable, affordable, premium-quality, and accessible public transport services to the community and region. The company is located in Lexington, Virginia and provides the services to customers regardless of kind of their destination such as work, doctor's visits, shopping, or holidays. As a result of the services provided by the firm, the customer will never worry about the availability and cost of parking space, traffic, and high prices of gas. Actually, the company enables customers to enjoy secure, reliable, and affordable transportation while keeping the environment clean through the services it provides. The company is also in charge of developing new transportation services, planning route structures, purchasing bus services, entering long-standing agreements, and providing information regarding public transportation in Virginia. The company has a workforce of approximately 300 employees as part of its commitment to develop a varied employee base that is motivated, professional, courteous, result-oriented, and dependable. Safe Travel Company is not only an equal opportunity employer but it also provides a drug-free workplace in which every worker must pass a drug test before selection to employment in the firm. For the employees of the firm, Safe Travel Company provides excellent benefit package like employee assistance program,
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