Safe Water Drinking And Pollution

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In today’s society, we face a large set of problems that affect each and every person every single day. Throughout the semester, there have been several different instances that have shown the importance of truly understanding what these issues are and how some of these issues can be fixed. The main environmental issue that I am going to discuss I this paper is safe water drinking and pollution, as pollution directs towards to the hazardous we do to it by simply polluting as well as how some of our pollution affects the air and living conditions that we face. I chose this environmental issue because I find it to be one of the largest issues that the whole world faces, especially here in Northwest Indiana, which not enough people take as…show more content…
There are such strategies that must help address any concerns, foster development in new strategies, protect the water, and work together in developing access to the water systems. These initiatives of people who are looking to ensure safe water is continuously looked over by larger groups of people and acts such as the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Safe Drinking Water Act, and even people like the Natural resources Conservation Service and the Environmental Protection Agency. What people sometimes forget is that under these acts, while there are people who are looking to help support these initiatives, the people who embrace the world must practice better strategies that will embrace these acts and support groups to help ensure that water will be safe for drinking. Many people forget that water is not just a free good to us for use at any time, because if the water supply were to ever be completely damaged and polluted, the outreach for fresh, safe water to drink would be minimal, therefore a struggle for people in America as well as around the world. Water is arguably the most important natural resource to us here on Earth and should not be used and abused. There are several different things that people can work towards to help make things better. The main three types of ways to help assist all these acts the government and other support groups can do is to advertise support groups, advertise about contamination and also advertise
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