Safe Zone Grant Proposal Essay

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SAFE ZONE GRANT PROPOSAL MISSION To reduce suffering in the world and advocate humane behavior through providing rescue, rehabilitation, and safe zone to abandoned, neglected, and abused animals. THE ORGANIZATION • This proposal is to fund emergency rescue, rehabilitation, and safe environment. • Safe Zone is a non-profit organization. It is an outgrowth of rescue efforts that helps abused animals and providing them with their own safe zone. This organization although requires the financial support of others. • This organization is a part of a wide collection of animal shelters and rescue organizations that help to create a safety zone from abuse, killings and inhumane actions towards animals. This means this organization does not…show more content…
These animals are moved out of torturous, inhumane conditions, given everything needed for healing, and then moved into safe humane homes. • 95% of all money contributed to Safe Zone is spent directly in support of animal rescue and rehabilitation, (budget and financial reports available upon request) with the remaining 5% supporting administration and fund raising. We have achieved this with the assistance of numerous volunteers. We have a few paid team members, but need funding for more team members. FUNDING REQUESTED With a grant of around $330,000 for ever year to support our emergency rescue and rehab fund. Will go towards the organization project descriptions below… PROJECT DESCRIPTIONS. • Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation – This is the most cost intensive part of our work, and the aspect that often requires fast funding so we can act quickly to provide emergency medical care and rescue services. Through negotiation, collaboration, and legal assistance when necessary, we get animals removed from abusive environments. We work to get animal cruelty laws enforced. Animals rescued from severe abuse and neglect usually have severe health challenges, frequently related to starvation, dehydration, and physical abuse. First priority is major medical care, medicine as needed, and good nutrition. Our organization does not use cages or chains. The dogs have roaming space in fenced acres, allowing them to exercise and run off their stress as
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