Safeguarding Adults: Enabling Adults in Vulnerable Circumstances.

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Are safeguarding procedures effective in supporting people with learning disabilities who are involuntary users of services? Safeguarding is a key role for social workers working with people with learning disabilities. This assignment will consider models of human development and critically analyse factors that impact upon the vulnerability of adults. It will further explore how adults with learning disabilities are oppressed and discriminated against at various levels. Using a practical example I demonstrate how I use theory to critically reflect on the consequences and dilemmas for practice with vulnerable adults and investigate issues that may affect safeguarding in the present day. Theorists have long sought to define human…show more content…
PCS does not does not imply that culture "causes" our actions but rather that individual behaviour has to be understood in the wider social and cultural context (Thompson 2006). The killers of Stephen Lawrence did not wake one day as racist individuals. Their prejudices were formed as a result of the culture in which they live, in a largely predominantly white community with a family history of racism. Culture can take on a boundary role, promoting an "us" and "them" situation which results in segregation. Groups share common values about what is "normal" within their environment, and anyone who challenges or disagrees with these values may be segregated. It is therefore possible to establish how a group accused of murdering Stephen were never challenged by those in their inner social circle or local culture. The structural level of the PCS model comprises the influences and constraints of the various social, political and economic aspects of the contemporary social order (Thompson 2003). This seeks to explain how oppression can be "sewn in" at an institutional level. The Macpherson report (1999) in response to the murder of Stephen Laurence found the Metropolitan Police to be Institutionally Racist, and defined this as: The collective failure of an organisation to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture or ethnic origin. It
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