Safeguarding And Promoting Children 's Health

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Safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare covers a number of different responsibilities including protecting children from abuse, preventing damage of children’s health or development, making sure that children are growing up in an environment that is safe and effective and allowing children to reach their full potential and to enter adulthood successfully. Having that high understanding of safeguarding is essential because it enables all the practitioners to protect children from harm. I have chosen three key issues regarding to safeguarding, safety and well-being of children and young people and these are; health and well-being, abuse and environment. I have chosen those because; health and well-being is the most important thing when working with children as we always are trying to provide the healthy and safe environment that child needs, abuse is very important to talk about because there is still many children who are getting abused at home or outside. The last one that I have chosen is environment because this will explain the importance of safety within the setting and how we provide it. It is difficult for us to admit but every child is at risk of being harmed or abused regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity. As NSPCC has said ‘1 in 14 children has been physically abused’ NSPCC (Copyright 2015). This is why we have safeguarding and legislations in place. Safeguarding means that we protect children from maltreatment and ensure that children are growing

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