Safeguarding Children Essay

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* CHRONOLOGY * * Second Trimester * * Mother attended her community drug and alcohol team (CDAT) were she was on a methadone programme. Referral was made by her key worker stated concerns that she may be pregnant and concealing it * * Pre - birth conference was held to establish the issues surrounding the mother, her pregnancy and her parenting skills. Mother did not attend. The pre – birth conference attended by the CDAT key worker, safeguarding midwife, health visitor, GP, social worker. The pre – birth conference took place as mum was concealing her pregnancy and that she was heavily * * DAY 1
Jack was born by caesarean section because they were concerns with the Zoe. Zoe was unwell – she had a
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Stated social services will apply for an inform care order
* Withdrawal score 3 -4 * Second toxicology sent

* Jack started on oral morphine as second toxicology came back positive * Withdrawal score 4 -5
* Advised that social worker and foster carer would visit baby * Baby social worker visited. Plan is to initiate care proceedings ASAP reasons; history of substance misuse, concealed pregnancy, poor engagement with treatment and services

* Mum visited for the first time, had a cuddle with Jack

DAY 10
* Mum visited twice during day, had a cuddle with jack for an hour
* Midwife rang saying mum on her way to visit, left the ward 10mins ago
* Mum phoned saying unable to visit as she planned because she in too much pain

DAY 11
* Mum visited for 15mins, asked how baby doing, had a cuddle. Mum wasn’t very clean, smelt overwhelmingly of cigarettes. She said she got visitors coming but didn’t say who. Beware of who and who not allowed to visit

DAY 12
Discussed at weekly social meeting, it was discussed how Jack was doing and the parental involvement. Mum was not engaging with the nurses, she showing very little interested in getting involved in Jack’s care. Social worker to get in contact with the named social worker t discuss where they are in the process of taking over care, and weather they found suitable foster care
DAY 15
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