Safeguarding Children and Young People Essay

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202 Safeguarding children and young people 1.1 Within our school there are policies set in place and it is important that staff know the proceedures. The school has various policies and procedures including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Communicating Health and Safety Information Electrical Equipment First Aid and Medication Serious Injuries Fire Prevention Fire Alarm Procedure Security Confidentiality I ensure i always follow these policies and proceedures. 1.2 Describe the roles of different agencies involved in the safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. The different agencies involved are Social Services Police Health Services NSPCC E Safety Council Social…show more content…
the following reguire urgent immediate medical attention. it is important to react quickly and seek emergancy help. chocking unconscious head injury servere bleeding breathing difficulties suspected fractures/broken bones epileptic seizures diabetes needing urgent attention drugs overdose 2.4 Describe the actions to take in response to emergancy situations including: fires security missing children or young people Fire Alarm Procedure When the alarm goes:- Ensure that the group you are working with leave the building by the nearest exit and walk to the assembly point. Line up for a roll call. Visitors must report to the office administration staff - who will have the log of persons in school at the time. wait for the fire wardens to confirm that it is safe to re-enter. Security All visitors are to report to the school reception area, to book in and out. All visitors will be escorted whilst on school premises. Visitors are to be given a school badge which must be worn at all times. Always question persons on school premises not wearing a badge, escort them to reception if they have not already signed in. follow same procedures for bomb incidents/threats. Missing children or young people If a child is missing contact a teacher immediatly. Stay with your class or ask a nearby teacher to supervise your class while you deal with the matter. Take a register.
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