Safeguarding: Local Government and Vulnerable Adults

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Safeguarding The safeguarding of vulnerable adults is high priority. All citizens and organisations have a role to play in protecting vulnerable adults from abuse, wherever and whenever it occurs. The approach is to maintain an appropriate balance between the promotion of independence and the safeguarding of vulnerable adults. In the CSSIW Protection of Vulnerable Adults Monitoring Report for 2008 – 2009, there were 4,451 alleged cases of abuse of vulnerable adults, reported across Wales. These figures represented a 5% increase on cases reported in the previous year. With the common victims of alleged abuse being older women, the next largest category of abuse was individuals with learning disabilities. For many vulnerable adults…show more content…
At the heart of the scheme is the POVA List. From 2004 providers of care and employment agencies and businesses to such providers will be able to request regular checks against the POVA List as part of an application for a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure with respect to individuals being considered for care positions. The aim of the POVA Scheme is to significantly enhance the level of protection for vulnerable adults. The policy within the care home has been set out to the requirements set by the Care Standards Act 2000. All staff must receive a copy of the policy at induction and a signature is required to say they understand its implications. Following the policy and procedure within the care home, every member, of staff has a professional and moral duty to report any witnessed, suspected or disclosure of abuse. Staff members should notify their manager without delay, to report the concern/disclosure. (If a staff member is the alleged perpetrator, the overall manager/owner should be notified, as extended leave/redeployment may need to be considered.) The role of the manager involves: * Consideration of capacity and consent issues. * Gathering of preliminary information, e.g. type of abuse, previous VA1s, action sought by the referrer. * Contacting the police, if appropriate and ensuring that the victim is aware of this and the reasons for their involvement are explained. * Ensuring
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