Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006

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in 2008, in the hope that it would enhance children’s development in all early years settings. It was then made law and legal requirements were put in place on nursery practitioners to make sure that standards that the framework has set out are being met. There are four main acts covering the legal status of the EYFS are: Children Act 1989 and 2004 Data Protection Act 1998 Childcare Act 2006 Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006 It is now law for all early years settings and schools to carry out the EYFS as well as other organizations covered by Ofsted. There are different environments that work alongside the EYFS framework which are: Day nurseries Nurseries schools Primary schools Home teaching. Some child care settings that care for…show more content…
The ideas and concepts gives you knowledge how to provide quality care and work alongside parents, also it can give you guidance on how to set up an activity to help the child get the most out of it. The four sections are: *A unique child- Every child is different who is always developing who never gives up has high self esteem, and believes in themselves. *Positive relationships- This can teach children to be confident within them and become more self reliant when children know that they have a secure base. *Enabling environment- children learn best in positive surroundings when the activities are set out for their personal requirements and there is a good relationship between practitioner and parents of the children. *Learning and development- Every child is different and develops in their own way in their own time. Learning and development is key for all children including those whose different is delayed and those with physical impairment. Explain how early years settings are inspected to check their delivery of the EYFS Settings are checked to make sure that they are deliver effective learning and the requirements of the EYFS. Ofsted is responsible for carrying out these inspections they will assess weather the level of care the children are receiving is good enough. Ofsted will focus mainly on these areas:
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