Safeguarding in Health and Social Care

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Unit 10: Safeguarding in Health and Social Care Student Name: Student I.D: Submission date: 09/12/2015 CONTENTS PAGE Task | Page number | Task 1: Induction Pack on Abuse factors and contexts (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) | 4-12 | Task 2: Essay on the law in contexts (2.1, 2.2) | 12-19 | Task 3: Power point presentation on working practices and strategies (3.1, 3.2, 3.3) | 20-28 | References | 29-30 | TASK 1: Abuse (factors and contexts) Introduction Abuse of vulnerable people in most parts of the world needs to be stopped because it falls under the protection of human rights as It is fundamental right for all people to living a life…show more content…
1. PHYSICAL ABUSE The use of force which causes pain or injury. Physical abuse involves the use of force by pinching, punching, slapping, scalding, hitting, kicking, burning or misuse of medication, restraint or inappropriate sanctions. It is a form of physical attack on an individual, it can also be a intentional neglect to prevent physical injury. Case Study: An older woman was partially paralysed as she had a stroke. Her carers came into her home two times a day, her husband cared for her the rest of the day. Her husband became increasingly aggressive behaviour. One day at night, she asked him to help her to the toilet, he pushed her and she fell on the floor and hitting and slapping in her face. one day she called Social Services, they saw bruise on his face, injury in his knee and he was depressed. Social services also noticed that she could not move properly and due to her back pain and lot of unexplained marks. She is seeking help and was crying. Social service sent her to GP for treatment. cultural factors are faith, believe and superstition as he learnt from his society and family. Her husband don,t looking after her as he thought disability is a curse and no point to pay attention her, just waste of time. He also thought disability is the god punishment because of her sin. his culture taught him women are born for look after
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