Safety And Health Manager ( Shm )

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Demolition process involves the dismantling of a building structure, part of the structure, destruction or refurbishment. Demolition work is a high-risk construction work and is characterized by a broad range of highly hazardous environment (Awodele et al., 2014). The hazards associated with demolition work in construction include glass fragmentation, unprotected openings, obstructed site access and discontinuation of services such as electricity.

These are just a few examples of hazards relevant to the demolition project. As the safety and health manager (SHM) of Democon Ltd, it’s my obligation to ensure that the demolition of Chandler building is done within the confines of safety measures and regulations. Looking at the timing of demolition (during term time), there are a lot of health and safety risks factors.

The time frame and the environment within which the work is to be done in this project expose the workers and the general public to myriads of safety risks. These safety factors have an impact on the decision-making strategies in the project. In undertaking risk and safety management, the international standards especially the Commonwealth laws and the Occupational Health and Safety Act in 1991 must be considered.


Health and safety measures in a demolition project are paramount. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) are
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