Safety And Occupational Health Programs Essay

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Duties include: Currently serving as the principal advisor to the Garrison Commander at all levels of management regarding current and proposed safety and occupational health programs. Manage the installation occupational safety and health programs, including training, planning, assisting customers with safety and health issues, concerns, evaluations, and maintain records on the annual inspection program. Inspect operations for hazards, and serves as the liaison for occupational safety and health investigations in accordance with FECA (Federal Employment Compensation Act) and Host Nation equivalent UK Bund accident reporting process as needed. Conduct surveys and inspections that involve facilities, physical layouts, explosive safety, transportation safety, tools, equipment, personal protective equipment, and any physical hazards associated with employee work areas to include specialized military activities, traffic safety, and accident investigation. Responsible for the development of training material, plans and conduct training of management, supervisors, employees, and unit safety personnel on safety program requirements, policies, procedures, regulation and techniques in administering the safety program. Planned, directed, coordinated and evaluated a comprehensive program to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions to minimize risk for all garrison workplaces and community events. Plans, assigns, and evaluates work of two subordinates. Provides technical supervision over

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