Safety And Standards Of The National Association For Stock Car Racing

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Do people have to die for things to be changed? In NASCAR they are always looking at safety and standards that are always changing. NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Racing. NASCAR has been a big part of my life since I was a child. When I was young not only did I watch the races on TV with my family, I would be at the track every week with my racing family, watching at a NASCAR sanctioned track. Racing had become a drastic part of my life at an early age because my mother had passed away. My father wanted to bring the family together at least once a week and do something together. Not only did my family watch racing in TV or on the track we raced ourselves my brother, sister and I raced while my father worked on…show more content…
What can NASCAR do to create a safer environment for the drivers in the car you may ask. The responsibility of safety is not only in the hands of the driver or the track they all have to work together to create a safer environment for racing. NASCAR sanctions tracks throughout the United States. At the beginning of every year they send out their rule book to the tracks and some rules such as seat belts. neck restraints. and rules on getting out of your car on the track are required. On the other hand the other rules are just guidelines. The tracks can pick or choose which rules that they want to follow or they can change the rules slightly. It is up to the track officials to choose the safest rules to follow to have a safe and controlled racing experience (DeRidder). Not only are varying rules an issue in keeping the drivers safe. At NASCAR’s level the cars are inspected on a weekly basis to make sure that everything is up to NASCAR’s standards and rules. At the smaller tracks that are sanctioned by NASCAR they don’t have the manpower to check every car every week to make sure that the driver or crew didn’t change anything or just not have the right equipment. Also, at the NASCAR level they have a new car almost every week unlike at the smaller tracks where racing crews don’t have the money to have new cars every week. In the lower classes cars can be driven as long as it passes inspection at the beginning of the
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