Safety Culture Is The Common Beliefs And Ways

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Culture is the common beliefs and ways of doing things shared between those who learned their ways in the same environment. Safety culture is, however much of the same with a developed attitude towards safety. Safety culture can be strong, where people within an organization report incidents that occur or even when they had the opportunity to occur. On the other hand safety culture can also be poor where incidents are hidden or swept under the carpet and no action can be taken to decrease the possibility of it from happening again. Tools have been developed to assess the safety culture in many different organizations, usually those that have a high risk. Rules and regulations are typically implemented following incidents resulting in fatalities. Nuclear, medical and aviation are some of the main industries that have begun assessing safety culture within their organizations and implementing SMS systems to help distinguish situations that could have potentially caused an incident. Over the years safety has been taken more and more seriously and the safety culture throughout many organizations in general has been greatly improved upon. This has been mainly due to mishaps and incidents in the past that have led to fatalities. Following these incidents have been regulations and measures to ensure that the same thing is less likely to occur or possibly even impossible to occur again. Since so many regulations are now in place incidents are few and far between, which is a good
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