Safety First, Right?

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Madicyn Costa Mr. Hill 12th Grade English 6th Hour 2 April, 2015 Safety First, Right? Brain injuries are detrimental to the human psyche and if traumatic enough, then it can also be detrimental to daily function. As horrible as it seems “Approximately 75% of traumatic brain injuries seen in emergency departments are mild cases. Annually approximately 70,000 people who have TBI experience permanent damage” (Your Best Resource for Brain Injury). Brain injuries are common and can be permanent. People receive trauma to the brain quite often; there are a lot of athletes who are suffering from these injuries and it has become too broad of an amount of people who are suffering from brain injuries. From mild concussions to Traumatic Brain Injuries, brain trauma is very important to pay attention to. Brain injuries can be so dangerous that it ends up in death or some variation of life skill impairment. There is a career that evaluates brain behavior after these injuries--Neuropsychologists. As a neuropsychologist, they evaluate the relationship between human behaviors and the brain. Neuropsychologists use test and assessments to evaluate brain injuries, although some tests may be invalid due to the test taker; this is common in sports because the athletes just want to continue to play and get back to the game. As a career that branches off from psychology, “Neuropsychology helps doctors understand how brain malfunctions occur, and what happens when they do. By understanding these
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